Site moved to Debian 12 Bookworm and Upgraded

Today has been pretty exciting.

I asked too much of a 2 GB instance during this transition as emails need to be imported and spam checked.

The magic of a cloud instance is I can bump it up to 4 GB for a little while.

Performance is nice now.

I’m not liking it so much that I’m getting attached.

It’s going back to 2 GB when I’m done with those emails.

The Next Step?

Cluster, baby. Prepare for mirrored stuff and things and whatnots.

After that?

Geographic diversity. Add a Chicago server, maybe. Or, Atlanta. Yeh, Atlanta.

4 thoughts on “Site moved to Debian 12 Bookworm and Upgraded”

    1. Do you mean you cannot find the file you downloaded in a Downloads directory?

      Downloads folder

      Or do you mean you ran the setup, but now can’t find the program icon to run it?

      Karen's Replicator in Start Menu

  1. Beartooth Bronsky

    I’ve been programming as a consultant for 50 years. I remember Karen’s Power Tools when they first came out & was one of the first users. I was astonished to discover them today as I knew Karen had passed away over a decade ago. They are still relevant even today – an extraordinary feat. She knew the pc’s inner secrets (as did I since I’ve worked on PC’s since the first 100 came off the assembly line in Boca). I do wish she hadn’t written them in Basic as the source was not particularly of interest to me, but that was the first language made available for PCs (I did all my early work with the first C compilers & in 8088 & 80×86 assembler). Even today, I prefer pre-2011 (pre-bloat) C/C++ and, if necessary, C# ASP.NET M-V-C with controllers & .cshtml ‘views’ (though I’ve programmed in at least 25 languages in my career). Mucho thanks for keeping Karen’s work still available. It is her legacy.

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