Site moved to Debian 12 Bookworm and Upgraded

Today has been pretty exciting.

I asked too much of a 2 GB instance during this transition as emails need to be imported and spam checked.

The magic of a cloud instance is I can bump it up to 4 GB for a little while.

Performance is nice now.

I’m not liking it so much that I’m getting attached.

It’s going back to 2 GB when I’m done with those emails.

The Next Step?

Cluster, baby. Prepare for mirrored stuff and things and whatnots.

After that?

Geographic diversity. Add a Chicago server, maybe. Or, Atlanta. Yeh, Atlanta.

2 thoughts on “Site moved to Debian 12 Bookworm and Upgraded”

    1. Do you mean you cannot find the file you downloaded in a Downloads directory?

      Downloads folder

      Or do you mean you ran the setup, but now can’t find the program icon to run it?

      Karen's Replicator in Start Menu

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