Karen’s Power Tools Podcast

I’m working on the format for an audio-mostly podcast.

What topics would you like to hear discussed?

Nobody Works for Free

I’m presently only accepting financial assistance.

When it’s cash money, nobody misunderstands our relationship: You sent money for a license, or as a donation, and you received a license, or nothing. Either way, your money becomes our money and that’s the way we like it here in the USA…. unless you’re a non-profit or open source or something and Karen’s work isn’t for me to give away.



Am I saying that I don’t want help?

I do want help, but I want to PAY YOU for your help and I want your work to become the property of the owners of this business.


I appreciate the offers to manage WordPress and/or Forums or some other function. I’m not sold on using it at all, so I don’t want to accept your labor and then switch streams…. plus, that’s also building out a business for someone else.

Pressure to Write

I feel extreme pressure to write everything from scratch. I always have, and it’s been somewhat of a hindrance, a slow one.

In recent decades, I’ve been trying to force myself to stand more on others’ shoulders. I’ve tried to rely on dozens of open source platforms, site generators, services, this, that, and I always end up distrusting them.

What happens when a plug-in author makes a boneheaded mistake and costs me all my customers? What?

I keep WordPress jailkit locked up, but I don’t like that solution.

If there were a list of subscribers in there, 28,000 email addresses, then I wouldn’t be able to protect that information from other people’s mistakes.

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