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        This is a topic in the General forum.


        I’m trying out this forum thing.

        There’s no registration button yet, is there? If you don’t answer, I’ll know you weren’t able to register.

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          Hi Joe,

          Did you mean for public to have access yet? I’m a WordPress admin for my day job (based in the UK), so was easy to work out how to register. The majority of people probably won’t know how.

          I am not some stalker, I’ve used Replicator since the days Karen was still with us, bless her!

          If you need any help admin’ing here, or security advice, just shout!

          Kind regards,


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              I did intend for it to be public and I’m amazed some people actually registered.


              Sure and thanks.

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                I have genuine fondness for this software, Karen wrote it to be non-nonsense and it just worked, at a time when a lot of programs made ‘backups’, but few could create a mirror this easily. I’ve always had twin drives for my creative files and KR made it so simple to have two copies all the time. No messing with raid arrays, both drives are accessible all the time with no additional software required to recover anything.

                I’m probably not the only one who thinks like that! 🙂

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